Thank you for your participation in the study
As stated in our privacy policy (subject to change), in completing our test, your personal information may be used for whatever purposes we deem necessary for maximizing our abilities in the service of the testament to the unpublishing orthodoxy. This may or may not include purposes that enhance our services in strange and devious ways. Should you, for whatever misguided reason, feel that your data is not worthy of our service maximisation, you can ignorantly follow your way through this labyrinth of instructions in order to deprive us from our selfless and noble cause of providing drinks at little to no cost to you and selfishly hoard your data like a rodent preparing for winter by burying your data underground in a hole to be eaten at a later date. 

1. If you would like to deprive us and the world of your beautiful likeness in photographic form or informationally to be theoretically unpublished from Twit and/or Fakebook, you may initiate the process by using an email machine to:

2. To have your content impossibly removed from Fakebook and Twit servers, we recommend initiating communication with representatives from those companies. We hereby are absolved from any loss of property rights to said data, as our role is end-user and unfortunately we do not have control over the data centres of these third-party companies. Please send your concerns to and/or, and do not contact us further. 

3. Should users have interacted with your image or data with these third parties (in the form of sharing or re-posting), we recommend you follow the instructions as per these parties. We cannot, in the due course of law, recommend click behaviour in any way for liability purposes. If you are new to the interwebs, it would seem like the best course of action would be to follow each individual post and politely ask for the user to remove it from their feed. 

4. Being the wonderfully selfless organization we are, we would like to point out that there is yet another way in which your precious data may have gotten out, which is even further out of our control than you could even imagine. A data thieving pirate may have taken a picture of your picture, or copied your information (maybe by hand!), creating a data trove disassociated from any possible path of discovery. We recommend randomly going up to people in the street and politely asking if they were the one that did this dastardly deed, and seeing if they wouldn’t mind erasing it, or forgetting the data that they memorised. 

In the continued spirit of altruism of our benevolent organization, we feel compelled to point out that while these points may ultimately result in the retrieval of your precious data, they conversely may publicise your likeness and data to numerous other individuals and entities whose intentions may be malicious (certainly more than ours).

Ultimately, our salient recommendation for you is to let go of this selfish desire for privacy rights and allow your data to be transmitted among the joyous data centres around the world.

Thank you for your inquiry and we as an entity take the utmost care and respect in dealing with you and your data.

Please enjoy your drink!